ArcJS - 0.1.x documentation

What is ArcJS?

ArcJS is an Arc-language implementation written in JavaScript. It consists of a self-hosting compiler written in Arc and a StackVM written in JavaScript.

Main features

  • It runs on its StackVM [1] so the Arc-code is compiled into asm-code in advance for performance.
  • The Arc compiler is written in Arc itself. (Self-hosting compiler) [2]
  • macros, objects, first-class continuations and tail-call optimization are completely supported.
  • Arc’s characteristic features; default function, ssyntax are also supported.

ArcJS’s original features (Not in official Arc-language)

  • User defined ssyntax.
  • clojure-like namepace system.
  • new syntax (table, etc)
  • stack tracer. (debuger)

What is Arc-language?

Arc-language is a dialect of the Lisp programming language now under development by Paul Graham and Robert Morris. Its simpler than Common-Lisp and more powerful than Scheme (IMO). [3]

[3]Official Home Page